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New York City Bicycle, E-Bike, Motorized Scooter and Citibike Lawyers

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident in New York City, you may have many questions. The first of these questions is likely how to get your medical bills paid and recover for your injuries. When you are injured because of the negligence of another, the lawyers at Asta & Bickoff, Personal Injury Lawyers can help.

We have extensive experience representing cyclists, ebike users, motorized scooter users and Citibike riders when they are injured in an accident through no fault of their own.

How can a Bicycle Accident happen?

Bicycle accidents happen in many ways, and many do not involve a bicyclist and a car. For example, a bicyclist can be injured due to a defective bike part, a hazardous bike path or by being attacked by a dog.

Careless drivers are the number one cause of injuries to cyclists. Not paying attention to bikers, speeding, failing to obey traffic signals, traveling too closely to a cyclist, distracted driving due to cell phone use – in short all the causes of a motor vehicle accident can also cause a bike crash. Cars and trucks can seriously injure a cyclist due to negligent driving.

Car Doors cause bike accidents

There are some types of accidents that particularly happen to cyclists. When a careless driver or passenger opens a car door into the path of a cyclist an accident can occur. These so-called dooring accidents cause many injuries.

Turning accidents

Many bicycle crashes happen at intersections. Right turn accidents occur when drivers, often large trucks, strike cyclists while turning right. Left turn bicycle accidents happen when drivers are turning left and collide with cyclists coming from another direction. The cause of these accidents is driver inattention.


Citi Bike operates a bike-share program under a contract with New York City. The blue bikes have become very common to see. The same rules of the road that apply to all drivers and bicyclists also apply to those riding a Citibike. Citibike riders must operate their bikes safely and be aware of pedestrians’ right of way. Similarly, Citibike riders who are injured due to a careless driver have a right to recover for that driver’s negligence. In New York City, the Citibike user will be covered by the car’s insurance company for no-fault benefits. These are the benefits that can pay you for your medical bills and lost income if you are a bicyclist injured in an accident with a car. There will also be a claim for the Citibike rider’s pain and suffering against the vehicle that caused the injury.

Unlike privately owned bikes, a Citibike rider is participating in a rideshare program and does not own the bike. There is a responsibility on the company providing the bike to provide a safe bike to the user. If the bike is defective, if parts are broken, and this defect causes a crash, the bike user may have a claim against Citibike and the company that maintains the bike. If you are injured due to a defective Citibike there may be a claim against several parties who make, service, and provide the bike.

If you are involved in an accident using a Citibike, call the experienced New York City bike lawyers at Asta & Bickoff, Personal Injury Lawyers. We will provide you with a free consultation, and if you have a case, aggressively fight for your right to fair compensation.

Ebikes and Escooters

In New York City, over the last few years, the use of electric-powered bikes and scooters has become common on our streets. They are referred to as ebikes or escooters. The uses of these means of transportation will likely become more and more common. Since ebikes and escooters can achieve speeds in excess of twenty miles per hour they have the capability of causing serious injuries if they are carelessly driven.

Furthermore, many ebike and escooter users are not experienced operators. As a result, they can easily injure a pedestrian, given the speeds involved with these devices.

Furthermore, many operators of ebikes and escooters do not possess a driver’s license, and often fail to use proper safety equipment such as a bike helmet. Often their passengers also do not use a helmet.

If you or a loved one is injured in an accident involving an ebike or escooter it is best to call a lawyer immediately. There will be questions regarding what insurance coverage is available, who is responsible and is there any responsibility on the company that rented the ebike or escooter.


There are a few types of insurance you may be able to file claims against after an e-scooter accident:

  • Auto insurance, if the at-fault party is the driver
  • Homeowners’ or renters’ insurance
  • Scooter insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Personal liability umbrella insurance

It will be critical to determine what insurance covers your injuries in the event of an ebike or escooter accident. At Asta & Bickoff, Personal Injury Lawyers we can help you with your claim and ensure the proper parties and insurance are notified, and compensate you for your injuries.

An injury can be emotionally and physically devastating. Michael J. Asta, Esq. is one of New York’s leading accident attorneys with over 500 Million Dollars recovered for clients and over 30 years fighting for New Yorkers like you. You can be confident that the legal team at Asta & Bickoff, Personal Injury Lawyers is fully committed to winning the best possible results for our personal injury clients and their families. If you’ve been injured, call Asta & Bickoff, Personal Injury Lawyers at (212) 244-6555 or complete the contact form here on our website so we can help you. The consultation is free, and we work on a contingency basis meaning there is no fee until we obtain compensation on your behalf, guaranteeing you’ll never come out of pocket.

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